Best Fun 80's Dance Movies
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Best Fun 80's Dance Movies

An article about '80's dance films.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved movies that feature dance of some sort. Most dance films feature good music, interesting choreography, and jam packed music soundtracks. Here are some of my personal favorites, and I hope that you will like them as well too. Let these film choices entertain you, loves.

1. Dirty Dancing: Dirty Dancing has an excellent soundtrack, good acting, and a story that makes the viewer want to root for the ultimate underdog. It also has awesome one-liners that will stick with you for years to come. Kenny Ortega who was the film's principal choreographer officially announced yesterday that there is a new remake of the classic dance film in the near future.

2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: This film features dance and a bit of gymnastics. It also has fun choreography and an excellent soundtrack that will inspire the viewer to get up and start busting a move themselves. The film stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. The romantic lead is also what teen dreams are made of.

3. Flashdance: This film was iconic for this decade. Jennifer Beals became globally known for the role. Cynthia Rhodes also stars in the dance flick, "Dirty Dancing" as well. The film influenced fashion and music of the time. The soundtrack burned up the pop charts, and the film inspired women everywhere to tear up their sweatshirts, and start rocking the leg warmers.

4. Footloose: Footloose is the ultimate teen rebellion movie. This film cemented Kevin Bacon as an idol for teenage girls everywhere. Sarah Jessica Parker also in this movie as well. Dance was outlawed in a small town so one teen boy changes lives through his point of view, and of course, through his amazing dance. The film featured dance doubles. Here's a little trivia for all you pop culture lovers out there, Kevin Bacon's dance double and Jennifer Beals' dance double from Flashdance were dating at the time.

5. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker: Michael Jackson was the biggest artist of that decade. He was the King of Pop, and the King of the music video as well. Michael Jackson took all his musical and performing talent, and created a feature level film complete with a plot and story. The film featured massive special effects that were cutting edge for the time period. Dance of course, was promenently featured through out the course of the film.

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Comments (4)

Classics of 80s cinema, thanks for the reminiscence.

I was still a very small kid that time, but there music remained great til now...

Interesting computer. Voted up.

80's movies were awesome, but oddly the only one of these I have seen is Footloose.